Udaan : A Soulful Flight soaring through the sky of Dreams, Must Watch and read

It has Already been 7 years to the release of this movie, its scary how fast time flies, the sands of time slips through our fingers so swiftly that we can’t even grasp a grain. On one of that grain the story of Udaan was written and it slipped by as quickly as it came. One interesting thing about sand, is its porosity, sand is highly porous which gives it another quality: It can hold a record, a record of activities which took place on that point. Footprints are left on Sand. (Maybe that’s why sand was chosen by the people who created this Idiom (Probably Longfellow in his poem Psalm of life)).

Udaan also made a significant, weak and personal ‘footprint on sand of time’,and every few years, I like to visit that place again and deepen the ‘footprint’ so that we never lose it, by wind of irrational thinking or be washed by a wave of dream crushing waters. Read Further.


Udaan is one of its kind, a rare gem of Indian Cinema, the coming of age Drama is about growing up, it is about facing the devils in your life and living your dream no matter what stands in your path. The movie was directed by debutante director  Vikramaaditya Motwane, it stars another debutante Rajat Barmecha as Rohan Singh a 17 year old boy who gets expelled from his Boarding School in Shimla and he returns home to his abusive father after 8 years. The Movie also stars famous TV star, Ronit Roy as Bhairav Singh, Rohan’s abusive father. There is another veteran TV Star Ram Kapoor, as Bhairav’s brother other than these two every actor was relatively fresh and new. I would not go into detail of the story, so as not to spoil it because you need to experience the movie to face the excitement and accompany Rohan in his Udaan (Flight).


What works in Udaan, is it’s script, the script was written by a master of story telling- Anurag Kashyap -AK, I have already in my review of Gulaal discussed his Writing qualities while comparing him with Tarantino, the script is also loosely based on Kashyap’s Life. The characters seems real and you feel for some and despise few. The script does not falters and it has been executed well by the debutante director. The second half and especially the climax is full of tension and is executed skillfully. Its strange that the director just vanished after doing such good movie. And also the lead actor, Rajat Barmecha did some serious acting in this movie, he was good at intense scene and had good facial expressions throughout the movie, he also just vanished into thin air after Udaan and Shaitaan(2011). The poetry of Rohan goes well and each word in it goes somewhere deep and strikes a chord.

The Movie in disguise of an inspirational coming of age drama contains heavier themes in different layers of story. Beneath the facade of abusive father and son, there is a growing relationship of step brothers and the separation of  two brothers by blood. As the movie progresses we witness Rohan coming closer and closer to his step brother Arjun, and with that we witness a slow separation of Bhairav and his brother Jimmy played by Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor brilliantly. It clearly says that brotherhood and love is not something which is connected to blood, it is acquired and is given to someone who deserves it. But above all and even the protagonist comes the little Arjun, he performs flawless as a child actor and is one of the cutest kids in movies. His expression remains rock steady throughout the movie which shows that he has quite great talent in acting and has a bright future ahead.

I decided to review this movie, because the movie has some very important messages which we should grasp to our very cores of our personality. It is significant for us to revisit the movie and understand what AK and the director is trying to tell the youth.


Udaan is about chasing your dreams and living your life as fully as possible despite everything. It, in a sense, celebrates the power of the human spirit, showing us that we can fly very high and fulfill our most impossible dreams if we only believe in ourselves and summon up the courage to fight for our happiness.We should not falter in our flight to happiness, may there be anything standing in our path, we must work hard go around or destroy the obstacle and achieve the dream. Deep Inside in each one of us there is one Rohan which is hidden due to fear from our own Bhairav Singh, let the Rohan inside you fly and you fly with him and reach your destination, the dream.

As Former president of India, Late Dr. Kalam, used to say, the most important thing for Human race to movie forward is it’s power to dream…

To end:


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