The Hateful Eight – Hate to Love it

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As I sat in front of the screen watching The Hateful Eight, it proudly proclaimed ‘The eighth film by Quentin Tarantino(QT)’ I will say that i was excited to watch it. I have watched all his earlier classics like ‘Pulp Fiction’ , ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Reservoir Dogs’. In each movie I stated above there was a particular quality which was mastered.

In The Hateful Eight, QT masters his storytelling power and he sets his best piece of Drama. His earlier movies were not exactly drama, but the Hateful 8 is an excellently made and suspense filled story which will keep you on the edge of seat throughout the movie with terrifying bass of Ennio Morricone (the master does it again at the age of 90s) strumming behind.


The Hateful eight has the most simple story among QT’s previous works, the story involves a bounty hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russell) who is traveling in a stage coach with a criminal lady who has a bounty of 10,000 on her head named Daisy Domergue(Jennifer Jason Leigh), with a blizzard following them behind they are trying to get to Red Rock, so that The Hangman can get Daisy hanged. They encounter Major Marquis Warren(Samuel L. Jackson), a black man with a Lincoln letter, on their path who is also taking his bounty to Red Rock, only difference being his are three dead men worth 9,000. As they move ahead with gritty well crafted sometimes overly long dialogues, they encounter another man in the snowy blizzard, he is fount to be as the new Sheriff of Red Rock(well he proclaims to be), So Chris Mannix () also enters their coach and they stops at Minnie’s Habidasharie for two nights and meet four other men and thus our stage is set with 7 Men and one women in a Habidasharie stuck for two to three days because of a Blizzard, will go back alive.

While the movie is slow to start,  minutes before interval, things hit fan as a gruesome monologue from Samuel L. Jackson about General Samuel Smithers’s (Bruce Dern) son death begins which is followed by quite explicit flashback. Its dirty, disgusting and just like QT’s style. The Movie then progresses like a stage play of a murder mystery with next chapters crafted brilliantly and written with Agatha Christie’s panache.

The twist comes as a prequel type of chapter, chapter 5, the Four Passangers, where the violence turns up and then the blood spurting and head blowing never stops throughout the movie. The movie is not for everyone as is takes a powerful stomach and a strong heart to take it all in, but if you can, you will get a great movie watching experience.

The use of widescreen 70 mm Panavision is visible in the scenes involved outside, but more than that it helps the cottage transform into a stage, giving the characters a wider place to act and director more angles. Its awfully difficult to direct a movie based in a single room, it do not take a lot of time for the camera tricks to be exhausted, but Quentin Tarantino does it perfectly in the movie. Acting from Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifor Leigh is over the top and perfect while the others also have acted well. The title itself states that you cannot love these characters, they are the hateful eight. You will be afraid of Daisy’s maniacal qualities and Major’s gruesome dialogues, and will hate them, but i hate to love them, if you know what i mean.

The Hateful Eight with all its writing flaws, cleverly written twists, racial spurs spewn as if saying Hello, all its gruesome blood spurting, nuts exploding, head booming and excessive use of N bomb has its moment but is not for everyone, it gets an 8/10.

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