Sultan packs a punch as a surprise

No one can defeat you until you get get defeated by yourself. Destroying your inner demons and battling with life is the most important thing for a fighter to have. And Sultan packs a punch so hard that it knocks every movie out this summer.

An action-love story set among Akhara(s) of  Haryana; Sultan Written and Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar stars Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma and a pleasant Surprise as Special Appearance- Randeep Huda. If a director has Gunday as his last film in bags, it is hard to trust him in providing a decent flick. But Ali Abbas Zafar has created one of the best sport movie to come out of Bollywood and the best wresting movie from India.

Sultan tells us about the story of Sultan Ai khan (Salman Khan) –in flashback- and how he went from rag to riches . To impress the girl he love (Anushka Sharma )and to marry her, he aspires to become a wrestler just like her and in the way transforms himself to a champion. With Aarfa (Anushka)he succeeds and goes on to win a lot of medals including Gold medal at London Olympics. But Success always comes of a price…

Meanwhile in present Akash (Amit Sadh)owner of Pro take down Wrestling, an international wrestling competition which is losing its touch and is about to go down, finds out about legend of Sultan and finds him in Grief, fighting his own fight in a rink called life.

Battling Inner Demons

Continuing from last year’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Salman is giving his career best. If Bajragi Bhaijaan was his career best, he overpowers it in Sultaan, and surprises everyone by shutting up each and every hater. I will be honest, I had my doubts about this movie, and i mean serious doubt. The story was not looking original from the movie, and it is not. The movie still has cliches, has its editing problems. Couple of scenes are not edited well, but Sultan Surprised me. It knocks every other wrestling movie out of the park.

The action scenes are well directed and choreographed, especially the one in Akhara, in first half of the movie. A few songs are ill fitted and destroys the momentum of the movie. But it picks up the momentum in each fight scene. The movie is just a little bit long, and could have been a bit shortened without losing its touch by clear cut editing.

But the best thing about Sultan is the inspiration it is packed with. Sultan’s Climax is one of the most inspirational scene i Have seen from Bollywood, and that is saying something. The message of battling inner demons and fighting yourself is shot brilliantly in the climax as Aarfa looks into the mirror and muster up herself and Sultan literally fighting himself, and facing his troubles face front. It is fun to watch with sufficient amount of humor mixed with emotions and can stand independently.

Keeping the review short, Sultan is a must watch this weekend if you somehow get tickets, because the theaters are packed and house full for days to come already. Go and be Inspired.

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