Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is an all out entertainer, a movie filled with fun. But if you take it more seriously and go in riding the hype, you are going to  be disappointed. Go in with low expectation and you will have the greatest and most entertaining movie experience of this summer.

After a solid 12 months of some fairly loud hype, the “worst heroes ever” have finally been unleashed on the anticipating world, and the hype basically distributed the audience in parts, with one part being disappointed and other enjoying the movie. I belong to the latter and I would explain why in the upcoming words.

But first, today I have a guest Reviewer sharing her Views on Suicide Squad, so without further ado, here is the review of another Movie Lover and A DC Fan Aiman Gul who also happens to be my sister :

I felt disconnected at a loss in the first half of the movie, so much was left unexplained that half the time people around me (including me) were like, “what the hell is going on?” All that super hype about Joker was worth it because Jared does a mind blowing job. But the weightage given to other characters was much much less (almost nothing) other than Will Smith, and Joker’s queen. The movie was more like an introduction to what’s ahead; justice league. The second half was a blast and woke up every single soul which was under this heavy cloud of sleep. Engaging and spellbinding music with perfect dialogues, I am bittersweet about it. – Aiman Gul

So Let us dissect the review and let me tell you why the worst heroes ever are not a part of worst movie ever that many people seem to be saying.

First of all, Suicide Squad is about a group of criminals banded together by Amanda Waller played by (Viola Davis), and the team of villains involves Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney ), Diablo (Jay Hernandez ), Killer Croc, Captain Flag and Enchantress (Carla Delvigne). And joining them is Jared Leto as Joker.

The thing that we need to remember is that there are hell lot of characters involved in Suicide Squad and most of them have never been seen on Movie Screen across the world. So every character needs an introduction which makes the first 40 minutes of the movie as just introduction to various characters as their name is shown in fancy colors with Flashbacks covering the introduction. Now this marks up the theme of the movie and the movie never loses that theme. Its clear that the director wants you to know that the movie is not taking itself seriously.

This lead to another complication, the lack of time leads to lack of good base to form characters on, and without a good base, a character can not stand. This is what happens with most of the members of Suicide Squad, they are forgotten after a few scenes and are added just for a few gags in every few minutes or so. This soon becomes a little annoying and boring. The Director David Ayer flourishes the character of Deadshot and Harley Quinn, but in the process leaves behind others, especially Boomerang.

The Good :

Moving on to the good parts of Suicide Squad :

Jared leto as Joker : Jared Leto did his completely original Joker in Suicide Squad, He takes the fun of Jack Nicholson’s Joker and the insanity of Ledger’s iconic performance and multiplies them together to form this highly insane and utterly charming antagonist. The movie has very less Joker, but the amount of screen time he gets, he makes it worth it. I cannot wait where his character leads to and would love for him to get a much broader open role.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn : Harley Quinn is Joker’s Queen, she will do anything for Joker. She will die and even live for him. Once the  psychiatrist of Joker, she fell in love with Joker and left everything for him. Margot Robbie not only is gorgeous and her seductive remarks brilliant she is completely unpredictable as Harley Quinn, just like herself in Comics.

This bring me to another great thing in this movie, The chemistry between Joker and Harley, they are born to be together. The queen to the joker as they are made to go together in a game of Solitaire. The genuine obsessive love is drawn out by both actors brilliantly and kudos to director for creating that chemistry in between all the actors in the movie.,h_720,w_1280/t_mp_quality/ih9qchbkppnprgyjfw1a/why-the-red-hood-could-be-the-villain-for-ben-affleck-s-solo-batman-movie-561121.jpg?resize=640%2C360

Will Smith plays Himself, he fits right in as our lead actor he is brilliant, he has more back story which solidifies his character even more than others. He has his humanity with him, and a loving father to her daughter. The interesting bit is the sort of ‘father-daughter’ kind of relationship that Deadshot and Quinn has, they understand each other more than anyone else.

The bad

Let’s see, Joker is not even in 30 minutes of the movie, that makes the best thing in the movie also a the bad thing . The overly sexualised Harley Quinn does not go well with the flow, especially regarding the PG-13 rating it got.

Weak Villain: I won’t spoil anything, but the motive of Antagonists to go against ‘the world’ is a laughable one dimensional plot device. The choppy editing makes it even worse. You can easily see that many scenes are abruptly cut, probably due to the reshoot they did and the pressure after the failure of Batman v Superman.

Bad Camera Work and Direction:

Now this is the point that took away all the score of the movie. David Ayer forgets that he is directing a Superhero Flick driven by action, we get a lot of close up and not even a single good enough wide angle shot throughout the movie. Now this is the fatal flaw in his direction and Suicide Squad, he relies too much on few characters which isolates and separate other characters from the movie.

What Avengers and Captain America Civil War and Even Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman did was get all the characters which are part of the team inside the frame. In almost every scene in Civil War, more than three characters are together, this gives a momentum and stillness to the story that is hard to achieve. It also solidifies the team. Suicide Squad does not feel like a Squad because of this reason.

The excessive use of Shaky cam is another down point in Ayer’s Direction.



Fun Summer Blockbuster with few brilliant performances.


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