Reaching Beyond the Boundaries by ‘Love’-Interstellar

The Very First Scene

First of All hello everyone, I am back and writing this article under Movie Addicts Union. This movie was and i think will forever be my best movie watching experience in a Theater. And i am saying that with all honesty and passion that the movie is a masterpiece, to all the haters, please you will join me after a few years and will be repeating  what i am saying. So lets get on with it.

It was a cold Winter November day, and I went to a theater near me with my parents, I was excited to watch a movie released a few days back, How could i Not have been excited, It was a Christopher Nolan’s movie. So this theater is not a multiplex, there is just one screen, a bigger one and they had recently upgraded their sound system too, as I was waiting for people in the waiting Lounge, I saw people streaming in, the room got crowded and in a few minutes it was packed. It was the first Hollywood movie I watched with the theater full to its max. So we went and sat to the seat and then the movie started:

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Throughout the theater there was a complete pin drop silence, no one even dared to check his/her phone in the last hour of the movie, that is the art of good direction guys. You have to grip the viewer to the screen, you want the viewer to be invested in the movie as if his/her life depends on it and this movie does that well. I sat there when Cooper decided to leave Earth and left his home without saying good-bye to his daughter and then came a sound blaring from the speakers it almost shook our seats, and accompanying it was the launch of the space shuttle on the screen and it was goosebumps all around me. The Soundtrack of this movie had such power and the sound in theater was so well done, it was going perfectly with the movie.

So Interstellar is directed by the visionary director Christopher Nolan(Inception!! and The Dark Knight Trilogy, MOMENTO!) and stars Mathew McConaughey, Anna Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Sir Michael Cain.

The Movie takes place in a ‘near’ future where Earth has been riddled by Drought and Famine. When Humanity is facing extinction, an ex-science Engineer-cum-pilot Cooper (Mathew McConaughey) finds a ripture in Space-Time Fabric at his Daughter Murph’s room which is played by Jessica Chastain. Following the instruction in the ‘gravity disruption’ he reaches to a space facility of NASA head by Dr. Brand (Michael Cain) and his daughter Anna Hathaway as the ‘junior’ Brand. A group of explorers embark on a journey of a lifetime to a never ending space, they go an interstellar journey to find out about more habitual Planets which can sustain Humans as colonies.

What the major problem with Interstellar was that most of the people got lost around the Science behind the movie, While I am not a physicist just studying to be one, I was pretty excited to see the movie. And the movie’s Science has flaws because in the present scenario we cannot think of our science to reach that level. Its Sci-Fi, you will get the  Fi from somewhere guys. And the Science behind Interstellar was not that difficult. Check out Gravity from Alfonso Cuaron his Movie though was brilliant but it was scientifically inaccurate.

Now I am going to talk about what people hate most about the movie- The Idea that love can Transcend Space and time. First of all Its Fiction guys, and lets talk about it in detail ::

Cooper And Murph

Some of you might be surprised when I say that, Interstellar is not a science fiction movie first, it is a love story. It is about profound love between a father and daughter.

As Hathaway’s character says in her emotional monologue in the movie

Anne Hathaway in her monologue

“Love isn’t something we invented. Its observable powerful, maybe it’s something we can’t understand; maybe it’s an evidence of a higher dimension…. Love is the one thing we are capable of perceiving that transcends time and space.”

This is one of the scenes of the movie that is overshadowed by others, but this is what defines the whole movie. That love is what can save humanity that love is what drives us to hope. And this point is proved right at the end of the movie when Cooper enters Gargantua (the black hole). It is his love for his daughter Murph, that connects him to her in a way that we cannot explain, this connection is what saves humanity, the fact that Murph’s ghost was his dad drives her to success. It was not the love which in someway connected Cooper and Murph, NO!.

It was their love which drove Cooper to such limits, it was their love which led to Cooper’s sacrifice, there was no cosmic connection of love between them. The Tessaract inside the black hole was placed by ‘them’ the advanced future beings who knew about their past and Cooper and Murph. The message was sent by altering Gravity and sending Morse Code, while love may not be visible or a quantifiable entity, it is the driving force behind every successful Human Being and that is what Nolan wants you to show.

Professor Brand

The love between Professor Brand and her daughter is also well defined in the movie. Knowing that there was no plan A, that his equations had no solutions, he told her daughter by giving her hope that he will one day solve the problem of Gravity. He actually wanted her to live. He knew that the people on earth had no chance of surviving. And Brand’s love for Edmund drove her all the way to whole different galaxy, when she didn’t even knew that he would be alive or not. So you see, Interstellar was not about the fifth dimention and Space Travel, its primary objective was to establish the importance of love.

I cant believe how many times i have typed Love in this. Haha.

Christopher Nolan Working Behind the Sets.

Director Christopher Nolan has crafted this movie very well. Confusing viewers with conflicting realities and with few simple questions that plays in the minds. The Docking scene and the wave scene also called Mountains were full of tension and thrill and was edge of the seat experience.

With Hans Zimmer’s score and use of church organ the soundtrack stands out above the movie, it may be too loud in some scenes. But the quality and the emotions behind score was brilliant.

Visually Beautiful

Interstellar is visually the best and promising, since Avatar. The Visual effects were breathtaking. The scenes with giant waves and the docking scene were well crafted. The cinematography was good with the crop scenes and the cornfield chase scene. The movie was one of the most scientifically accurate science fiction movie ever made, because of physicist Kip Thorne working on the script. The calculations done for creating Black hole Gargantua are even being used in NASA for studies. The ending was satisfying. Creating a little bit of time loop which was started by Cooper and working on complicated paradoxes.

Another thing which this movie did for me was made me think about the potential of space travel and how much we as Human Beings can achieve, we are such a small spot in the Whole Universe, how many possibilities are out there, moreover What is out there? Waiting to be discovered. This reminds me of Carl Segan’s pale Blue Dot speech. For Some other day I guess, or the next post. See you then.

This Movie with all its flaws, deserves 9/10

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