My favourites of 2015

2015 was an interesting year for movies in our time. This year saw reboots and remakes of decade old franchisees with much success and some with equal finesse.

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

While the movie may have released in 2014 for various people, i saw the movie this year and this might not be a good beginning to the list and many people might not agree with me, but i enjoyed the movie. The Movie had enough laughs with British fine acting from Colin Firth and great acting from the man Samuel L Jackson. The highlight of the movie was the action sequence in the church scene which could be easily regarded as one of the best action sequences of recent time. The movie was brutally violent and hilariously Funny.

  • Bridge Of Spies

Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks and directed by Steven Spielberg was certainly a well made and well shot thriller. the script written by the famous Coen Brothers. the movie is set during the cold war and around the time when Berlin Wall was still strong. The script is fast paced and the acting from Tom Hanks is as always at par.

  • Jurassic World

As already stated the year was up for many reboots and sequels and one of the most highly anticipated from all was Jurassic World. While the movie had a nostalgic value with most of the viewer and also with me. The movie worked well on its own grounds but the superficial character and bad CGI divided the critics in two fractions. Whatever the critics say, i loved the movie.

  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron


The sequel of record breaker The Avengers was a highly anticipated sequel, the movie was well received with critics and Marvel Fans including me. What the movie did well was introduce an important character of Vision and Scarlet Witch. Also the movie tried to form a strong base to the further sequels Infinity War both part one and two. Introducing infinity stones and helping in character development.

  • Inside Out

After creating masterpieces like Wall-E, Up and Toy Story, you would think that Pixar can not replicate again. You are wrong! In the summer of 2015, Pixar released a Psychoanalysis of a teenager’s mind and the outcome was money and tears flowing out of filled theaters across the world. The mere concept of the movie was original and brilliant. With good voice actors amplifying the effect of the movie and the personified emotions acting just like they should, you would laugh with joy and depressed with sadness. You will be amazed at the emotions in the movie involved with the child. The movie is a joyride to a point where the movie tells that life is a ride filled with both joy and sadness and you have to accept both at the same time.

  • Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max original movie franchisee is around 40 years old with the last movie releasing exactly thirty years ago. With Tom Hardy replacing Mel Gibson for the character of Max in the franchisee. The movie is not actually a movie about Max, the lead role in the movie is that of Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa. George Miller’s excellent direction is visible in the shooting of scenes in the deserts with striking beauty. The Practical effects in the movie are great and far better than any CGI of our time. There is only one word for the movie-INSANE, as the cars go smashing round the desert with a man riding above a vehicle designed only for one purpose, playing background music. With Great acting, genius practical effect and a bright soundtrack, the movie is a thrill ride so fast that you would not even want to close your eyes for a second.

  • Star Wars : The Force Awakens

As the year was coming to an end, there was a fever in the air which was effecting every one across the planet, the hype was huge and the people were getting impatient as the biggest movie franchisee of the history was returning after a decade. Star wars was on the way and arriving on theaters. The Force was strong in the air and the expectation with the movie was way high. And the movie delivers with a bang, creating deep new characters and providing old characters and feeding the nerds’ nostalgia at the same time creating a new story line. The movie was visually beautiful and well directed. Star Wars The Force Awakens is the best movie to end the year and also the best movie to end this list.


A very Happy New Year to everyone Reading this.

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    1. yeah you should watch it, it is a fine movie and if you are a fan of saga, you will get a nostalgic feeling and also get another Star Wars typical space drama movie. Go For it

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