Fan (2016) Review : By a Fan ;For Fans (without Brains)

SRK, the biggest superstar of the world (Though self proclaimed). “The King of Bollywood” or “The King Khan” is back in his form. After two hilariously awful movies Happy New Year and Dilwale SRK stars in and as Fan. Spoilers abound.

Let us get this out, Shahrukh Khan is back as the SRK we loved, Fan is specifically well acted movie with Khan’s double Role as the superstar Aryan Khanna and his biggest fan Gaurav who calls himself Junior Aryan Khanna. Sadly except the acting Fan has nothing to offer. Yes it is a great thriller and packed with action, but in the end all of it is highly predictable and utterly stupid.

You want to enjoy and be blown away by Fan, Keep your brain at Home while going to the movie. The entire premise of the movie, the revenge plot by ‘junior’ Aryan holds on simple point that the superstar Aryan Khanna cannot apologise and is too arrogant. The writing of the movie does not hold right, Can I contact a movie star so easily, like Gaurav did in the movie? What movie star is so stupid that he would go and meet this seriously crazy guy who has abducted another actor and that too alone? Is there no POLICE in the whole wide world?

The first half of the movie is probably best part of the movie, we are introduced to Gaurav, we feel about him. His Character is well  drawn, the conflict in his mind is clearly visible, we understand why he would start his journey of chaos and insanity.

The Character is acted perfectly to its core, the double role is portrayed well by SRK But after the interval things go haywire. We just have to accept the fact that by selling his Cyber Cafe, he will have enough money to go to London, plot an intricate plan, go to another city then fly back to London, buy expensive clothing and attend high class parties, why Because we as audience have left the brain at home (You remember right). Gaurav is transformed from a crazy fan to a fighting machine-cum-genius plotter.

All right we buy this, but the stupidity keep on increasing exponentially, The Superstar Aryan Khanna (who is also a part time detective 😮 ) has a proof that he was not the one in the party as a cctv footage, but the footage is forgotten and suddenly in the media Aryan is the worst guy in the world. I thought he would talk about the CCTV with his lawyer or something, but the footage does not appear till the climax.

Seriously the movie would be half of the length if CCTV footage would have been used correctly. Then the Climax arrives, it starts decently until Junior and Senior starts fighting as if they are Batman and Superman, they destroyes things around, tries to kill each other and then give a message that a classmate notebook advert gave me in the TV. The message being do not try to be another Aryan,be original and  new Gaurav. Be the new you and live your life as that.

The Brilliantly acted movie Fan is certainly enjoyable and fun to watch, the Movie lacks the precision of story telling. But You know what the movie will earn more than 300 Crores, i am sure. Why because we left the Brain at home in the starting.

The movie would not have received even 6 stars from me but Shahrukh’s brilliant acting changes the score. ******* 7/10.

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4 thoughts on “Fan (2016) Review : By a Fan ;For Fans (without Brains)

  1. Thanks for reading my review, though i did not like the movie as much as you do. But everyone holds hid own opinion. Did you notice another thing which I forgot to mention in my review, gaurav’s parents were completely one dimensional, they were like worst parents there can be. His father just smiles and do not stop his son’s stupidity, which parents let his son sell his business and let him go out of country. Do they not care about his son. They should have explored more of that in the story and use it in fleshing out the climax, with a little emotions.
    Is your blog new, because i saw just one post there?

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