Century of Excellence – Episode 3 – One A.M.

Back with the Fourth Episode of Century of Excellence with drunk Chaplin at 1 A.M.

As promised we are back with the Chaplin series in which I am reviewing Charlie Chaplin’s classics as a tribute to the century old excellence.


Charlie Chaplin’s fourth short in collaboration with Mutual Production was also the first movie to star only Charlie Chaplin. As Charlie Chaplin’s work started maturing from 1914 to 1916 he started becoming braver. And One AM was probably one of his bravest movie. It’s difficult to bank on a movie which has no cast, just one man doing everything. But Charlie did it and was successful in it.


The movie stars Charlie Chaplin as a rich man who arrives at his house in a taxi, the driver is the only other human being in the short. He is drunk and he tries to enter his house and go to sleep at One AM. To be honest the movie sometimes feel long with laughs repeated various times like falling down the stairs.


Some scenes work well with the Humour like his fear of the stuffed animals in the home and his fight with the Murphy’s bed in his bedroom, which is absolutely brilliant. It’s difficult to understand how you can create a 20 minutes long comedy with such plot. There is actually no plot involved in the short.
Another hilarious scene involves him trying to climb stairs by using Mountain Climbing Equipments and then trying a coat rack to climb on the first floor .
One AM’s best thing was its stage set up and production , the art team did a good job in creating a nice setup for Chaplin filled with apparatus for laughs.

While Chaplin Is not at his finest.  It is a fun watch .


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