Century Of Excellence-Episode 2: The Floorwalker

The Poster for the Movie

Hello readers and welcome back to my Series Century of Excellence where we are visiting Charlie Chaplin’s century old cinema again. So without further await. We have the episode 2.

As The poster above Proudly proclaims The Floorwalker was the first of Charlie’s collaboration with The Mutual at whooping 670,000 dollars contract(in 1916). The movie is about mistaken identity and embezzlement and was released on 15th May 1916. The Movie written and directed by Chaplin is unmistakably not funny enough when compared to other shorts and also is a little longer than others, yet the movie has some iconic scenes and good placed laughs.

The Famous Mirror Sequence


Seven Years Bad Luck(1921) which influenced others and was influenced by Chaplin


Duck Soup 1933


Mickey Mouse


The X-Files






One of those scenes involves Charlie in his tramp persona meeting his lookalike floorwalker and having a hilarious mirror interaction which later influenced countless other films and TV shows and plays throughout the world. From 1921 Max Linder’s Seven Years Bad Luck to Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny and from The Pink Panther to The X-Files. (Can be seen in the images above)


Also The use of departmental store in movies was not prevalent in movies and Chaplin gave a nod to increasing trend of Departmental stores and malls in the movie.  Also like most of the Charlie Chaplin’s movie the movie had social commentary, when the store worker was arguing with the ugly looking tramp, many far better clothed individuals robs the store. Showing that its not just the poor who are stealing, it is also the rich who steals.

The sequence involving the escalators has also been repeated many times in modern movies and this was the very first time escalator was used as a setup in a movie.

Check out the movie for a few laughs and a lot of smiles.

Farewell for now see you in the next episode.

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