Century Of Excellence-Episode 1: Behind The Screen

Charles Spencer Chaplin, there is no denying of his film making, He is regarded as the best movie contributor of all time. He was a genius of cinema and he helped in transforming the world of silver screen the way it is today. His First movie came out in 1914, yes 102 years ago!, to celebrate Chaplin’s Movies, I have decided to do this series at the blog for his shorts(Short Movies). So without further ado, we have the first Episode of Century of Excellence:

Behind The Screen-1916

Behind The Screen Poster-1916



Behind The Screen was released on 13th November 1916, The movie directed and written by Charlie Chaplin stars Chaplin, Edna Purviance and Eric Campbell. The movie takes place in a movie studio, where Chaplin works as a stage assistant or as what you may call a spot-boy. Eric Campbell plays the part of the man Chaplin works under and there is no basic plot, just non stop slapstick comedy of Chaplin style. There is a plot line involving Edna’s character, who wants to be an actress, but to work there she changed her appearance as a boy and starts working as a stage hand.

The Aforementioned scene

I was surprised to see a nod towards LGBT community, a scene involves Chaplin’s character kissing Edna’s changed character after he finds out she is actually a girl. Just when they are kissing, Eric Campbell enters the scene and look at them and starts acting strangely. This proves that the early 20th Century involved mockery of a subject like Homosexuality.

Check out the movie here below

That’s it from me today, see you in the next episode.

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