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The DC comic universe has arrived, the Dawn of Justice is here. At last the comic fans will have a united movie-verse where they can watch their justice league unite. But did it arrive in the fashion which was expected. The review is completely spoiler free.

I have just returned home from the early screening of the movie and if someone will ask me, my first reaction: it would be that i liked the movie, i wanted to love it, but it could not live up to the unimaginable hype it had received. But I enjoyed the movie, more than i enjoy movies normally. It was a great time investment, an action packed super hero flick. I did not have great expectations, they were already dampened a little by early reviews from USA and other countries. The movie was getting mixed reaction, so i went inside theater filled with Fans wearing Batman tees and was amazed by how fun the movie was (If i ignore an angry and annoyed Comic fan sitting a few seats from me.)

BvS : Dawn of Justice

The movie is dark, gritty, dramatic, the bat and sups are surreal, they feel real, and do not feel out of the movie. The movie starts with another introduction montage of Ben Affleck’s Batman (Which by the way we will talk about later), we are shown second montage of sequence involving another view of the events of Metropolis which happened in the climax of Man of Steel. The Hate and conflict between Bruce Wayne and ‘the god among men’ (Superman) started at the point and then kept getting stronger, until it boiled down to as Lex Luthor states ‘the biggest gladiator match in the history of the world’. The little conflicts between the characters is what guides the movie and keeps the otherwise weak script in place.

Let us talk about the only thing i hated about the movie, the movie starts as a political thriller involving superman and his destruction of metropolis. But at one point in the movie, around an hour in, the movie just changes its path, the thriller changes and transforms into an action fantasy sci-fi, the movie forgets about the impending case on Superman in US Senate, why? We don’t care about it, the fans just want to see the clash of the ‘titans’. The movie throughout its run time took a lot of directions, started a lot of story arcs, but forget about it entirely. It hints on bat’s history in Gotham, but never shows and explains it. There is a nod to certain someone in the movie which DC fans will love as an Easter egg.

bvS Dawn of Justice-Manofsteel

Anyway, that was really the only thing bad about the movie according to me, let us talk about the pros now.

Hans Zimmer, if there exist a god of epic soundtrack music in world right now among ‘men’, it is Hans Zimmer. Zimmer is a magician with his percussion and strings. I think most people agree that one of the best thing that came from MoS was its soundtrack, I am listening to it even as i am writing this. Hans Zimmer with Junkie XL took few themes from MoS, worked on them, combined them with The Batman theme from both Dark Knight and score from Danny Elfman and created a perfect soundtrack, and boy that Wonder Woman’s theme with Electric Cellos.

Dawn of Justice - Do You Bleed?

Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck totally owned the role of Batman, i was earlier skeptical at this casting choice and i am happy that i was wrong. Ben Affleck seeps into the role of Bruce Wayne, we care about him from first scene, we as a viewer understands why he wants to destroy Superman (well a little bit). He is awesome in Action, the hand to hand combat and use of gadgets is so like the batman from Video Games, he owns the role and a little spoiler, he kills people in the movie, which is actually justified too, when Alfred (Another good casting) says that sometimes good people canĀ  go cruel…

Gal Gadot, she is brilliant and downright awesome in her character as Wonder Woman, the super heroine from Amazonian forest has been around for years and she decides to step in when the fight starts to get ugly in Zack Snyder’s Trademark Slow motion Shot (the Spartans in ‘300’) . She fits in the role perfectly, she is gorgeous , she does good action, she is awesome, what else do you want.

Jessee Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, now that is some controversial casting there, people were outraged by this, i was not sure about it when this was announced, but the actor from The Social Network has a lot of talent up his sleeves, he makes his very own Lex Luthor, a slight twitching genius who is also a maniac, turned to destroy the world, for “personal reasons”.,h_393,w_786/t_mp_quality/as12gdtidqtfckhlp60n/did-jesse-eisenberg-s-lex-luthor-ruin-the-dawn-of-justice-trailer-517483.jpg?w=640

Another thing i like about the movie was its direction and more importantly the Cinematography, the movie was dark, the saturation level was down in each frame. The Scenes were shot brilliantly and some are true art scenes, like the one in which the killer shoots Bruce Wayne’s Mother in first scene of the movie. The snapping of Pearl Necklace was so intricate and beautiful. The shots were beautiful.

BvS starts as a great Super Hero Movie, but as the movie progresses Zack Snyder becomes a child and starts throwing his toys at each other and playing with them like a child plays with toys. Mashing them together, having fun and enjoying his games and forgets the script.


If i get enough time i will do a spoiler review talking about various easter egges and interesting spoilers.

The Movie will get 7/10

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