Airlift- A fast paced emotional thriller-With a “list” of its kind.

On 1 August 1990, Iraqi forces led by Saddam Husaain invaded Kuwait and within two days the Kuwaiti government was overrun by Iraqi fighters and Kuwait was declared as an Iraqi Province, In Kuwait were around one and three quarter lack Indians living, mostly businessmen and two men led them to safety and they provided asylum to those 1,70,000 Indians and contacted important officials in Iraq and India which led to the largest Human evacuation in the world.

Airlift directed by Raja Menon stars Akshay Kumar (as Ranjit Katyal) who is a businessman who believes that money always comes first and has forgotten his own country and is now practically a kuwaiti, he even likes to hear Arabic songs instead of Bollywood songs (Ek Do Teen…) after the invasion he is caught in a storm with his wife Nimrat Kaur and their daughter. Thus ensues a struggle and string of Negotiation running high on tension and fear.


Before the first scene of movie kicks in we are shown a disclaimer that the story is based on real EVENTS not based on a real story, what we need to understand is that the characters are not real, but the events are while the evacuation and survival was not a one man job back then, it is shown in the movie as that.

While watching the movie at various point i felt that i was watching an Indanized version of Spielberg’s Schindler’s list. Mind you i am not comparing both are masterpieces at their own level, but Ranjit Katyal Stands up for Indians just like Oscar Schindler did for Jews in World War 2, the sequence of war is common in both movies and just like Oscar Schindler did, Ranjit Katyal negotiates with important officials in dangerous posts to save a lot of people.

The Movie is an emotional ride, filled with patriotic spirit. Just like last year when Akshay Kumar released Baby on 23rd January, he released this on 22nd January, being a patriotic thriller the best time to release the movie is around republic day which is just coming.Its Interesting to watch Akshay Kumar leaving his Khiladi Image and acts as a political type leader whose negotiation skills are more important than his Karate Skills. With good quality music and nicely placed song (except the first party song-which can be excused) the movie has some good acting from veteran and new actors alike.

The movie is the story of those brave souls in Kuwait who survived the ordeal and with a little help from Saddaam himself evacuated the Kuwait City and helped in the evacuation which holds a place on the Guinneas book of world records. The Movie is about those unsung heroes ‘the Babus’,  the officers in Ministry of External Affairs who coordinated the airlift and to Air India and Indian Airlines officials who flew 482 flights from Aman to India carrying 1,70,000 Indian to home.

Throughout the runtime, you will be full of emotions and  goosebumps and if you are a true Indian, you will feel quite high level of patriotism unparalleled by latest movies. Dont Miss the emotional ride.

The Movie deserves a 9/10.

But it will get a 8/10

Time for some facts taken from wikipedia

“The evacuation was completed before the start of Operation Desert Shield. A total of 170,000 people were evacuated to Mumbai – a distance of 4,117 km, by operating 488 flights in association with Indian Airlines, from 13 August to 11 October 1990 – lasting 59 days.

The 1990 airlift of Indians from Kuwait was carried out from 13 August to 11 October 1990 after the Invasion of Kuwait. Air India holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people evacuated by a civil airline as a result of this effort.

It is believed to be the largest civilian evacuation in history.”

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