A Nostalgic Trip To The Jungle

Hello Everyone, let me take you back a decade or so, it was the time where in India, Private TV Channels had stepped in the market. After years of Telecasting Doordarshan, the only government regulated TV Channel, Indian Television opened their doors and Private Companies like Star and Zee stepped in. Back then Sitting in front of television and sitting was different, whole families used to gather and stare at the magical Dramas and Shows. It had it’s purpose and sadly this purpose got lost in the years.

the original animated japenese Series

The Jungle Book was probably one of the first Animation TV Show ever released in India, Made in Japan, by a complete Japenese cast in 1989, the show had bee dubbed in Hindi and had released at Durdarshan in 1993. Just after the show with Songs(Chitrahaar- which is acually the longest running film-related TV show in television History) whole families used to stop doing everything else and watch Mowgli go through struggles in Jungle and have fun with his Panther and Bear friends. It has that Nostalgic close to heart feeling for me, The Hindi dub and the starting song written by Gulzar- ‘Jangal  Jangal Baat Chali hai’ still takes me to a time when I used to Sit and watch the Anime as if worshiping it. The TV show was actually a reason to got up early on Sunday for Children back then.

So When i heard that Disney was doing live action movie on the same story, I was immediately in. I want to thank you Disney Animations Studio for making it possible and letting me remember those days again.

So The Jungle Book is a live action Movie based on Rudyard Kipling’s novel of the same name, the movie is about a man-cub Mowgli (Neel Sethi) who has been raised by Wolves in their pack and has a Black Panther (Ben Kingsley as Bagheera ) as a confidant and friend. The One Eyed ferocious Bengal Tiger Share Khan (Idris Elba) though wants the Man-Cub for himself and will go to any extent to kill him.

The Movie boasts some of the best CGI i have ever seen. The Whole movie was filmed in a Building Down in Los Angeles. Mere fact that A  movie with a Jungle as the setting and countless animals was shot in a building inside a ‘concrete jungle’ astounds me. The Scenes look visually stunning, the detail is great. The Backgrounds of trees and Beautiful Sunset Scene near the end are made with perfection and beauty in mind. The Animals have been made using CGI and they looks so real that while watching the movie you actually forget that they are not real.

The intro of Share Khan and beautiful CGI


John Favreau Clearly knows what he is doing in the movie, he directs with passion and does a justice to the story. The introduction of Share Khan is brilliant and is handled with care, you will hate the bengal tiger’s guts as the antagonist reveals his plot. Neel Sethi has done quite brilliant job in his first movie as the man-cub Mowgli, especially when you realize that there are no actual animals and he has to imagine the animals and talk to them with emotions which is actually a pretty difficult task. The only Problem with the movie was that there was not enough time to do a justice to the original cartoon. The character of Scarlet Johanson (Kaa- the snake based on the evil snake of the garden of Eden) was wasted, she is actually in just 5 minutes of the movie and could have had more scenes. The 50 Episode anime actually had Mowgli living with People in man-village and meeting the girl- Radha there. This was skipped in the movie, they could have explored more and lost the opportunity.

I might watch the movie again dubbed in Hindi with acting cast as On Puri, Nana Patekar and Priyanka Chopra, will Edit this and tell you about it. English voice acting was also very good with best being Idris Elba’s Sher Khan. And the Funny voice acting of Baloo the bear. And watch it in 2d, 3d however good it may be dampens the dark scenes and there are a lot of dark scenes. If you want to watch it in 3d go ahead and watch in IMAX 3d not in moremal 3d.

John Favreau Builds a visually breathtaking world and introduces Mowgli and his friends and enemies to another generation with enough panache.

******** 8/10

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