Tue. Mar 26th, 2019

Predator-terrifying Sci-Fi Classic

\"Predator-Arnold\"Predator a Sci-Fi Movie released in 1987, became an instant classic. The movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as \”Dutch\” a tough army Major who is leading a special Black Ops Mission to assist \”Dillon\” (Carl Weathers) who is from CIA to rescue some survivors in South American Jungle. As they arrive Dutch realizes that they have been sent there by supplying false information. But this information is their least problem because there is someone or something in the jungle who is hunting his team one by one.

After giving great action flicks in 1984 as The Terminator, ConanĀ  and Commando in 85 Arnold returns as the hardcore angry army major, he is not afraid of killing anyone or anything. The supporting cast works well too except some scenes involving Elpidia Carrillo Mexican actress.

The Director John McTiernan is able to create an atmosphere which helps convert this action science fiction movie into horror movie in second act. The shooting location inside the jungle is well chosen and helps to add in the terror spread by the creature out to hunt-Predator.

Watching hardcore commandos turn into panicky prey with Alan Silvestri\’s Classical soundtrack again amplifies the horror quality of the movie. As the climax is reached the viewer is so pumped up that he forgets about other characters and the girl. The final act is full on one to one fight between man and predator portrayed brilliantly by McTiernan.

One of the best thing about the Predator was its practical effects and special effects. The Predator\’s vision is well made which lends into the suspense of what is hunting them. While this movie may not be for everyone and faint hearted as the movie get a little bit too graphic at some points. But the effects still holds strong after 28 long years.

A survival-horror-suspense-action-scifi-thriller with Arnold and directed by McTiernan. What else do you need.


Movie receives 8/10.

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