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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review Rating: 8/10


Starring: Daisy Ridley (Rey), John Boyega(Finn) , Mark Hamill(Luke), Carrie Fisher(Leia), Adam Driver (Kylo Ren)

Director: Rian Johnson

Two year ago Star Wars: Force Awakens(TFA) hit the theaters with a buzz unparalleled in recent history. Everyone was excited to see their favorite saga to continue further and to finally see the iconic characters again. It ended on a (A literal)cliffhanger with Rey meeting Luke and passing on his light-saber. Star Wars: picks up after it and it also picks up the franchisee off of it\’s feet. The main flaw of Force Awakens was that it was too much like Episode 4, Director Rian Johnson in The Last Jedi picks apart the issues in force awakens and slowly but steadily eliminates them. But in the process adds up some of his own.



Star Wars: The last Jedi is stunning and full of iconic sequences that I believe TFA lacked. The final battle sequence that takes place in an old rebel base is excellent. And Supreme Leader Snoke\’s \”Throne Room\” is wonderfully designed with dash of violent Reds thrown about (in whole movie) in contrast. In the time when our cinema is filled with insane amount of blatant and dull superhero movies which are all about action. The Last Jedi remembers to take a step back now and then and builds up their main characters\'(Rey and Kylo) arcs. It\’s the conflict between them and Luke that makes Star Wars: The Last Jedi a good movie for me. The movie is character driven, while it is full of minor characters, each character has a plot line to fulfill (while the importance of the said plot lines are debatable-more on that later). Each plot line adds up to provide a rich cinematic experience that The Last Jedi really is.

Yes, this movie had incredible action and epic twists, but it\’s emotional scenes like Luke and Leia meeting and Luke finally confronting himself and Kylo that made it great. In the end, Star Wars is about the characters and the themes. The Force Awakens started it with handing over the baton to new characters from the original Trio (Luke, Leia and Han) to the new characters. Rian Johnson continues it further with an even fitting end to something important for Star Wars Universe. While the future of the said new trio (Ginn, Rey and Poe) is debatable, if the writers keep up the good work and keeps on adding a little tinge of freshness to the iconic banner of Star Wars it has a potential to survive.


While the \’Die Hard\’ fans of Star Wars might be disappointed as they all have in their minds a different direction the Star Wars has to take; as a viewer who likes good quality cinema, i was happy with the result. When JJ Abrams renewed the franchisee with The Force Awakens he had to play it safe and thus had narrative limitations. But Rian Johnson in The last Jedi dared to take bold steps and it worked very well for me.

Let\’s move to the bads of the film and yes there are a lot:

A chase sequence around halfway in the movie with Finn and new character of Rose (played by Kelly Marie Tran) feels out of place. While yes in the end it sort of connects it takes down the whole movie and throws us off the narrative tension building up in the characters especially of that of Rey and Kylo Ren. In fact if I removed their characters (also Poe\’s character) from the movie, The Last Jedi won\’t be affected at all. The unnecessary plot also hampers the movie\’s tone as Disney adds the humor that  it is so famous for. The comedy feels forced and out of place, the witty humor of Harrison Ford\’s Han Solo in unfortunately irreplaceable in Star Wars Franchisee. Another thing that bugged me was that it felt longer than it should have been.



Kylo Ren\’s character is  very well built . Much like Vader he has his side on conflict. Ren has this inherent conflict that is going on, the fight between good an evil. But exactly due to this reason Kylo Ren\’s character is not a good antagonist. Adam Driver\’s acting skills are quite flourished and he tries hard as well. Unfortunately his character is not strong enough as an antagonist as Vader once was. And falls short , even Andy Serkis\’s supreme Leader Snoke falls short of showing up that feeling of dread and doom which Empire Strikes Back(Episode 5) had mastered. The Empire does not feel strong enough with the incompetence of Captain Hux getting laughed on in the very first scene of the movie.

The Star Wars franchise has been around for so long, it’s easy to forget the original movie was a bold, innovative and a Ground Breaking movie. The Last Jedi much like The Original trilogy takes a lot of risks and is very entertaining block buster! With some great performances, the iconic score from John Williams, the stunning visuals and great character driven plot The last Jedi deserves a watch!

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