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Spider-Man: Homecoming | Spidey Swings back to Marvel\’s Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review:

Sitting through an early screening is always fun, but it is even cooler when the screening is for a movie whose lead character you have grown to love. Tobey Started it, Andrew Garfield gave his own \’spin\’ to the character but Tom Holland has made the character of \’Peter Parker\’ his own. This Spider-man has no stalking to do, unlike his predecessors he is still in high school and is the epitome of teen-geeky-nerdy web-slinger from Comics and I couldn\’t be more Happier.


After the deal between Marvel and  Sony, it was a huge task Marvel had in their hand to incorporate the very significant character from comics in their ever expanding movie universe. They teased Tom Holland\’s Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War where I was quite happy with the result and thus Spider-Man: Homecoming became one of the movies to look forward to this year. Especially with the recent announcement from the head of MCU Kevin Feige that Spidy will take over the reigns of MCU after the Untitled Avengers 4 it was very important that the character has a great start and it from what i gather, it is in great hands.

Spider-Man Homecoming starts exactly after The Avengers, we are introduced to an engineer who is salvaging the Alien Tech from the \’NY\’ Incident from the rubble of Stark Tower, Michael Keaton\’s Adrian Toomes is that engineer. Toomes is stopped by Department of Damage Control who takes over the clean up but before clearing out Toomes is successful in getting access to the glowing stones from the Chitauri ships. Cut to 8 years later and Toomes has successfully made an empire of  weapon manufacturing using Alien Tech and has also made a flying suit and thus we are introduced to Vulture. The prologue of the movie does two things, it introduces us to the antagonist but moreover it avoids the cliché ridden expose of the origin of the web-slinger -getting bitten by the spider and finding out about powers- or Uncle Ben\’s death(more about that later) which we have seen a lot of times.

The next we are introduced to Tom Holland\’s Peter Parker. This Peter unlike others has more likeness to the newer comic avatars like the one in the Ultimate Spider-Man. He is funny, geeky, and struggling with his school life. Here we have a 15 year old teenager who was thrown in to the battle much too soon during Civil War. He craves for some action, Jon Favreau\’s Happy has been appointed by Tony Stark to make sure he stays on track and Peter keeps sending messages- for our comic relief- to Happy asking for the \’next mission\’. Tony Stark here takes over the position of the missing Uncle Ben and Marissa Tomei\’s Aunt May is not the same as the previous renditions. She is certainly not as old as the other Aunts and the movie knows about it.


The first and second act feels as a fun High School Drama, where our Hero is struggling through being \’the friendly neighborhood\’ Spider-Man he has been advised to be. We are also introduced to the characters from High School, Flash Thompson is still the bully, but not the over-buff sort we encountered in Sam Raimi\’s Spider-Man Trilogy . This Flash is nerdy and rich. But he is still a bully. Ned is the pal or \’the guy in the chair\’ for Peter and the only one who knows about Peter\’s Secret Identity. There is Liz who has a crush on Spider-Man and Peter also likes her. Then there is the rebellious character of Michelle played by the pop sensation Zendaya, Michele who is later in the movie shown to be a character which might as well be the lead in the future. Only time will tell.

Gwyneth Paltrow\’s Pepper Pott\’s is back after a long silence for a few scenes in the movie which finally connects a few unraveling webs in the MCU. Filled with Easter Eggs that might take another post Spider-Man Homecoming had it all.


The third act though builds up to a great twist, which might be very pretentious and predictable but handled with brilliance. The tense atmosphere of one scene is great and had me on the edge of the seat. Now comes the only issue the movie seems to suffer from. While this may be only a little problem that I had, but Tobey Maguire\’s Spidey had this figured out. The old trope of \’With Great Power comes Great Responsibilities\’ and uncle Ben\’s death gave Peter that  fire within himself to clear out the streets. This is replaced by a hunger of proving himself to Tony Stark in the Homecoming which feels short in the end. While there is one remarkable scene in the third act which builds up that feeling, but it is soon lost in the action of the climax.

Oh and Robert Downy Jr\’s Iron Man is at his best these days. And with all the rumors floating in the inter-web, Infinity War might be the last movie he will be part of in MCU and this is probably the best time for him to take off the shoes and leave the stage for the younger heroes. The Upgraded Spider-Man suit designed by Tony Stark has very cool new features like web-grenade and split webs. But the best thing about the new suit is the AI computer of the suit Jennifer Connelly plays the role of the AI who Peter calls \’Suit Lady\’ and Later names her karen. With well placed gags Karen is like a female Jarvis but funnier.

More than Anything Spider-Man: Homecoming is a fresh twist on the web-slinger, entertaining as hell and very interesting. This is quite possibly the best Spider-Man movie since Raimi\’s Spider-Man 2.


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