Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

War Chronicles


War Chronicles : A Cinema of War


The World saw two drastic wars, which shook it to the very core and sometimes quite literally. The world saw the darkest times in human history and it went on to create genres. May it be War Literature or History, the war itself changed all the art forms. War Chronicles is a series of movie analysis and reviews which tackles movies based on war, both World War and Modern Warfare.

I will be reviewing The few of the best of War Cinema and discussing about it once every one or two week. Cinema of War spans decades, from propaganda movies of 1930s to brave attempt of ridiculing Nazi in 40s. Filmmakers took stories full of life and changed the very art of Film-making through it.

Whether we look at the Great Dictator of Charlie Chaplin or Schindler’s list from Spielberg, many best movies of all time are part of Cinema of War. Cinema as I always say is an art form made to be enjoyed, but also studied. There is always something that the Director wants to achieve when he pulls all the stuff together on a film, and my purpose of starting this series is related to that only.

Recent History shows us a bad path where we human beings are  headed. We should use these movies and look at them understand them and then most importantly, we should learn from them.

Episode 1 : Eye in The Sky | Ethics of Modern Warfare

Episode 2 : Peace On Earth | Short that was Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Episode 3 : War Chronicles | Threads (1984) Terrifying Nuclear Holocaust

Episode 4 : Dunkirk | Christopher Nolan\’s War Epic