Tue. Mar 26th, 2019

Doctor Strange\’s Strange yet stunning outing | Review

When Marvel studios decided to go on further with their Movie-verse, someone decided to get Doctor Strange-one of the comic book Hero who is not as interesting as Thor, or even Hawkeye- With such weak background story as Doctor Strange, the studio banked on the trippy mind bending visuals and it Worked.

Doctor Strange stars Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular role, with supporting star cast that include Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton, Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams and Mads Mikkelsen . The movie is directed by Scott Derrickson, the guy who directed The Day the Earth Stood Still and a brilliant and underrated horror movie Sinister. The Director travels down a completely new path through a superhero movie and actually finds a quite stunning yet curved path.


Doctor Strange is a story of Mr.(Dr!) Strange, a surgeon who excels in his craft. Egoistic and proud Doctor Strange is not a likeable character in the beginning. He loves himself, but a tragedy-an accident- takes him down a path where he loses the thing he loved most-his craft. When countless trials of surgeries and Medicine could not treat his hands, he turns towards east to a place in Kathmandu, Nepal. A place about which he learned have a miraculous healing technique. There he meets the Ancient one (Tilda Swinton) and finds a world beyond imagination and time. He is drawn into the world of Mystic Arts and magic where Multiple dimensions lay and in one dark Dimension is a creature so dangerous that he can devour the planet. And of course there is one disciple (Kaecillius-Mads Mikkelsen) who went rogue and wants to bring Dormammu from the dark Dimension.

The story much like other origin stories skips supporting actors like Rachel McAdams to provide much more screen time to Benedict Cumberbatch who never fails in even one second. It feels like Mr. Cumberbatch was born to portray Sherlock and Doctor Strange. The transformation of Strange\’s character is remarkable and can be felt through Benedict\’s acting, his eyes says it all in many scenes. HIs helplessness is palpable and intense. But much akin to Strange is an even stranger character of the ancient one played by Tilda Swinton, the power and elegance seeps through her portrayal, her hand waving is exceptional, she is too powerful. The wonderful intro sequence says it all. When she starts waving her hand so elegantly, and bending the space itself. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo is also pretty good with a compulsory marvel funny character portrayed by Benedict Wong.


The movie is a treat to the eye. The greatest 3d effects I have seen till date. A must watch in IMAX 3D, if you can. When the characters enter multi dimensional space or distorts space and time, strange and trippy visuals replace the entire screen. They are stunning and wonderfully crafted. One look and you feel you are also falling just like Strange is through the dimensions. The movie is colourful and yet remarkably dark in a few scenes. The Climax scene defying the laws of universe and cinema is just a scene to observe in wonder. There are not enough words to describe the wonderful visuals of this movie.

Now let us move on to the cons of the movie:  Much like other Marvel movies, the antagonist does not get enough screen time to be even called a villain, he is just there, because you cannot have an origin story without a negative character. Thus we can not understand Kaecillius\’s  reasons to go about destroying the world. The run time feels constrained and thus many characters are skipped about and just gets a little introduction. There is just not enough time to build up any character than Strange. Another issue with the movie is that it is very convenient the way Doctor Strange acquires his powers, it feels forced and very quick.

To finish it, Doctor Strange is a strange trippy, mind bending, visually stunning and wonderfully acted movie which must be witnessed in IMAX 3D.



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