Tue. Mar 26th, 2019

Inferno : Climax Saves the Sinking Ship


There is a switch. If you throw it, half the people on earth will die, but if you don\’t, in 100 years, the human race will be extinct. You are humanity\’s final hope.

With such powerful and maddeningly insane plan for the antagonist, you might think the movie cannot go wrong,  but then the first act of the movie unfolds. To which you can just shake your head on the blatant dullness and stupidity. The last act though saves a sinking ship and propels it to a thrilling climax.

Inferno is the third movie in the franchisee involving Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) the Professor of art and history at Harvard University.Directed by Ron Howard and based on the Novel Series written by Dan Brown. While we all know the saying that the third movie is worst of all, this movie almost certainly defies the saying. As it is undeniably better than The Davinci Code.\"felicity-tom-inferno-large_trans5yqlqqeh37t50scym4-zeinisephxoca_mpbpb-vofq\"

Harvard Symbologist is back in another Italian City with another Unknown lady in an adventure that much like the others follows him through mysteries and Puzzles. This time the Mysteries are about Dante\’s Epic Divine Comedy and his vision of hell in Inferno.  With haunting Nightmare filled with strange bodies, death, disease and blood Robert Langdon finds himself in a hospital room in Florence. He has retrograde Amnesia and has no idea how he reached to Florence as the last thing he remembers he was in Cambridge.

He finds out with Dr. Sienna Brooks about a threat of worldwide epidemic which can affect 95% of the world\’s population. And thus travels from Florence to Venice and then finally to Istanbul to help save the world as it is. While the stakes are high this time, there is not much difference in the plot points and the lack of originality does not increase any point to the movie.


Inferno starts off with quick edited sequence which is used to elaborate Robert Langdon\’s confused mind, it actually confuses the viewer and it gets hard to follow. The stage is set too quickly, which do not let the characters breath. The First Act is hurried filled with awfully written dialogues, they also skip through very Important stuff from the Novel. Many changes that they have made also feel unnecessary and they add many mistakes to the plot. For example in one scene, we have been told that Robert has lost his recent memory, due to retrograde amnesia. But in another scene we are shown for the sake of comic relief Robert cannot remember a simple thing like Coffee. This only confuses the viewer as to the extent of Langdon\’s Injuries.

Fortunately second act of the movie picks up the dull tone by the appearance of quite well acted cast, which include famous names like Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy, Fellicity Jones and Ben Foster. Each has done quite nice work in the movie, especially Ben Foster and Irrfan Khan. Irrfan\’s quirky-nature adds up the humour in the movie, but then we again arrise to the fundamental flaw of Ron Howard\’s Direction, he does not let the scenes and setting breath, each character does not get enough screen time and importance to be considered important. He does not even rely on moment, cutting scenes way more quickly than necessary.


The Third act arrives, and this is where things hit the roof and the movie reaches at its peak. The build up to the climax may have been dull,  but the climax is very intense and full of thrill. The character arcs meet at the Red Lagoon,  in a tension filed finale, where to avoid controversy the director again shifts from the Novel. The movie ends completely different from the finale, but the end is satisfying.

When you are shooting in such beautiful places like Florence,Venice! and Istanbul. You would want to shoot the scenes in cinema scope 16:9 Ratio, fill in the screen with the beauty of the background. But Somehow some idiot decided to shoot the movie in more of a square format. It infuriated me as a movie and art lover to not see the beauty of filmmaking.And as a Dan Brown Fan, i was not impressed by this movie at all.

The Studio seriously need another Director if they are going forward with The Lost Symbol.

To finish it all up, Inferno has an intense climax, and is filled with extraordinary actors, beautiful soundtrack from Hans Zimmer. But  it is a forgettable thriller just like its predecessors and you can wait to watch it on Netflix or television.


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