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Top 10 Sir Ridley Scott\’s Revolutionary Movies

Sir Ridley Scott has a expansive filmography, a visionary director he has crossed the boundary of Special effects and changed the cinema of last three decades. Especially revolutionizing Science Fiction Cinema with his ground breaking Practical Effects and dark themes, Ridley Scott has a huge impact.

let us look at his top work, starting with a surprise.

10. 1984 (Apple Advertisement)


While some may have already left the list reading the first name, for those who are still here. 1984 was a brilliant advertisement campaign started by Steve Jobs for Apple Macintosh releasing in 1984. Adapting on the novel 1984 written by George Orwell, Ridley Scott after his success of Blade Runner was hired to direct in the shady and murky world of IBM (Conformity) which is broken by a sledge hammer thrown by an athlete wearing white (Apple-Individualism). Not only was this a slap on the face of IBM, the use of lighting in the ad was brilliant. The Advertisement is still counted as one of the greatest ever made.  Although Now that i think about it, Apple\’s rise is still going in the same direction IBM was heading. Is it leading to 1984 again.

9. Kingdom of Heaven


When Kingdom of Heaven was released in 2005, it received cold reviews and not much commercial success, it all changed when Director Ridley Scott decided to release A Director\’s Cut version, with 45 Minutes additional Clips. The cut-in 2006- received critical acclaim. Empire Magazine cited the movie to be epic. The added clips fit in like a puzzle to provide one epic cinematic bliss of brutal battle scenes and dramatic overtures from Composer Harry Gregson Williams. A great performance from Orlando Bloom, the movie is now a classic.

8. Prometheus


This movie is an example of how decade long hype can destroy a movie. Add Fan service along with it and you have a brutal failure in it, the only trouble with Prometheus was that it was trying too hard to be the Scott\’s long awaited Alien movie. This made people forget that individually Prometheus is a visionary masterpiece, the beautiful effects add up with atmospheric cave scenes. With Two great performance hidden among a lot of poor performances of Michael Fassbander as David the android who is upto something bad and Idris Elba as the captain of Space ship called Prometheus, the movie was brilliant piece of Direction, just a little hard to grasp.

7. The Martian



Comparably a new movie, Martian released last year to critical Acclaim starred Matt Damon as a Scientist-cum-Space Explorer who gets stranded on Mars alone and how he survives the Martian sand storms and loneliness. Famous for its Scientific Accuracy and a publicity campaign headed by NASA, the movie was a commercial success too, becoming Scott\’s most successful movie. The movie received a lot of honors last year including two Golden Globes and seven Oscar Nominations, with Matt Damon also receiving a Golden Globe and an academy Nod.

6. Black Hawk Down


A War movie told differently, Black Hawk down does not sensitize the story, it does not follow one character and his past, it follows a team of soldiers as whole as they gets stranded in the middle of Somalia\’s War zone. While Ridley Scott gave an all american perspective to the movie, there hiding behind the bullets, explosions and a lot of blood is Humanity and if you strain your eyes, you may find a masterpiece in War Genre. Unbelievable battle sequences shot with tons of bullets, Black Hawk Down surpassed the expectations monumentally. And a plus point is Hans Zimmer\’s ethereal Score. Ridley Scott received an oscar nod for best director for Black Hawk Down. (Not commenting on the inaccuracy of the movie and bad portrayal of Somalians)

5. American Gangster



Starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, American Gangster is a movie based on a Drug Cartel\’s boss Frank Lucas\’s life. Not only is this one of the best performance of Denzel Washington\’s career which spans years and has a lot of brilliant movies, the movie is a well made drama which tells about life of a gangster with passion. A surprising positing for American Gangster to be above Black Hawk down, but the movie was technically brilliant with surprisingly great wide performance of the whole cast.

4. Thelma and Louise


A cult classic, funny, emotional, thrilling all at the same time. Thelma and Louise is a birth place of many Hollywood Cliches. The movie bravely conspires and mixes genres like Road trip movie, Thriller, Comedy and a little bit of unconventional Romance. While the movie\’s portrayal of men may be debated upon, the bravely feminist movie is now a classic and certainly deserved all the awards and recognition it received. Who can forget the brilliant \”driving off the cliff\” climax imitated countless times since.

3. Gladiator



Starring Ridley Scott Gladiator was released worldwide in 2000, and took the whole world to arena in rome, with excellent battle sequences and gladiator matches. A movie so entertaining and epic that it is seen as a rebirth of War-epics as we see them now. Gladiator won many accolades including five Academy awards which included Best Picture and Russel Crowe\’s performance also winning Best Actor. But for me above all was a breathtaking soundtrack with Physical effects which gets this movie so high in the list. The battle sequences are shot without CGI, combining Art direction with dusty world building, Gladiator Arena were built and hundreds of extras were employed to shoot a few minutes of footage. This is an example of dedication of Ridley Scott

2. Alien



literally a perfect movie- there is nothing else that i Need to say about Alien. Combining elements of Horror-SciFI-Thriller Alien chocked and awed the world with his incredible practical effects and a much deeper and much darker Script. Ridley Scott\’s best example of world building, he created his own universe which spawned countless Sequels and saw a ripoff battle with Predators, with Ridley Scott returning next year for another sequel of Alien Franchisee and Prometheus, great things can be expected once more.

1 : Blade Runner – Ridley Scott\’s Neo-Noir-Cyberpunk Masterpiece




Blade Runner changed Sci-Fi Cinema as we know of. Not only was this movie ground breaking, it is an example of how to make a neo-noir Scifi movie for every Film Student. The cinematography and perfect use of lighting is taught in film schools using Blade Runner. With Heavy themes like what is Humanity? and Science of Androids, Blade Runner successfully incorporated great direction with a near perfect Script and added visually stunning scenes to create a Masterpiece.

Sir Ridley Scott himself regards Blade Runner as his most complete movie. What do you guys think?

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