Tue. Mar 26th, 2019

Light Out Review: Scarefest of Mental Illness

Lights Out review:

She lurks in the dark.

Alive in the past.

Keep your flashlights on

Soon it will be lights out

Lights out Directed by David Sandberg is a feature length adaption (or extended version) of a short movie directed by the same man in 2013. Produced by the the one who is the big name in horror industry right now, James Wan. It is easy to identify his influence over the movie, with the use of lighting and slow tension done just like Wan would have done Himself. But The Director cannot reach the boundaries pushed by James Wan with Conjuring and its even better sequel released earlier .


That in no way means that the movie is bad. The movie has a couple of brillaint moments when the movie scratches that line of greatness that every horror movie aspires to cross. But if you want to be blown away by the movie, you will be underwhelmed. As the movie is like every other psychological horror movie and gives out nothing new and groundbreaking like The Witch did earlier this year.

Lights Out Follows a family in turmoil, they are going through difficult phase, with the mother having continuous bout of depression and after the death of the father, Martin (Younger Son played by Gabriel Bateman) soon finds out that his Mother-Sophie- is not good mentally and she is talking with someone in the shadows. Meanwhile Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) the elder daughter of Sophie (Played by Maria Bello) from his first husband (Who left them) finds out about Sophie\’s extent of illness and unearths some dark past of his mother. OH and yeah, the father was killed by a monster who lurks in he dark, who cannot enter areas which are lighted and who is also the one responsible for many things.


The interesting thing about the movie thus is what i proved above, the monster or the women is a part of the movie, but if you remove the monster you will still have a decent Drama, tackling family issues, Mental Illness and Medical Depression. In an Interview with Screen Junkies last night the cast of Lights out was asked, which movie would \’lights out\’ would come close to, each cast member answered the same thing- The Babadook. Yes it is blatantly obvious that the Director has tried to make another Babadook, but could not even touch the mark.

The direction is to the point and in some scenes quite remarkable, using flickering lights to increase the tense atmosphere and in one scene using flashing neon light to illuminate the dark. The movie is well shot with some beautifully lighted scenes that take you inside the screen. But the movie could not skip from the cliches of horror flicks like the dumb characters, who even after knowing that darkness is where the monster is, will walk into dark corners without doubts. The point that the ghost is affected by a particular frequency light elaborates the nonsensical points in the movie. In some unimportant scenes we can hear sounds coming from brightly lit places, how would she do that if the place is lit like Christmas.  The actors has done a decent job, Teresa Palmer and Bateman giving marvelous performance.


In the end Lights out is a scary movie that will give you shudders in moments but you would not get feeling of closure. For a horror fan, it is worth to watch it with lights out, because it will amaze you . Whether you look at the movie as a metaphor to depression or just a straight forward horror movie, it scratches the mark of greatness of the babadook, but rests in the \’good\’ range of horror movies.


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