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Mass Hysteria of 1973 | The Exorcist – A Phenomenon

As The Christmas rolled in and the year was ending, in some selected theaters around the US, a movie was rolling out. While the movie was actually hyped, the movie was based on already bestseller Novel. The movie was marketed as nothing you have ever seen before.

The movie\’s claim was true, the movie was something that audience had never experienced before, yes no one had ever fainted while watching a movie before and that too in its first hour. Yes! It actually happened. The scariest movie of all time (which will probably remain true in future too) was unleashed upon an audience which was not prepared for it.


Truly speaking no one could have prepared for what they were going in for. As the merriest festival of the year closed in, shrilling screeches were heard from the theater and people were seen running out of the theater swearing that they will never go inside. As the week progressed further the record charts started to break as the news spread like a fiend-fire or forest fire if you want so. The critics claimed the movie with mixed appreciation, while some were praising it some were condemning it for being a disgusting movie. As newspapers throughout the states reported about the hysteria news reporters \’reportedly\’ sat outside movie halls to record people crawling out after on hour from the movie and recording people fainting.


Many theaters had to take stock of smelling salts to get people up after they faint. Some of them were also providing medical support for the movie.

You might think that after all this, people will stop from coming into theaters and stop watching the movie. NO you are wrong, as that is not how human mind work, a normal human mind will be terrified of the fact in the news, but more than being terrified, the mind will be curious. And Human curiosity is something that overtakes other emotions. And the MASS HYSTERIA which occurred due to this curiosity took the world over a storm.


As the new year rolled in, during the first week of the year : People were coming in huge numbers, thousands were lining outside the box offices of theaters across various cities. Special police officers had to brought in to control the masses. The lines were miles long to get the tickets. For the first show at 10\’o Clock people were lining in from 4 AM in the morning. Many of them had to stay in line the whole day and come back the next day to get the tickets. And the strangest thing about it was masses were lining for hours for going inside the theater to watch it, but many of them were returning after watching half  movie with shell shocked and disgusted expressions.

So, What Caused this hysteria? Why were people so afraid of the Movie? Why were so many people fainting?

If any of you still don\’t know about what movie i am talking about(Are You Crazy or what!) The movie is William Peter blatty\’s The Exorcist(1973) Directed by William Friedkin.



I will talk about these questions in detail in the upcoming review of the movie, so stay tuned to be afraid.

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The post was inspiration from the video from YouTube user hystorycomestolife embedded below.

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