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Garden Of Words | Animation at its Peak

Yes this is Animated ! I will get this out first, I don\’t think there exists a better looking animation in this world than what we witness in Garden of Words. It is just like what a viewer once described as an Eyegasm! or eye porn!

\”Every screenshot from his new anime masterpiece The Garden of Words could be framed and hung in an art gallery… If you have never seen an anime film before, this is the perfect moment for you to immerse yourself into a whole new film experience.\”

 as GCFF Director, Casey Marshall Siemer, once said

Makoto Shinkai proved his worth worldwide when he created the unbelievably beautiful and heart breaking 5 Centimeters per second (Often regarded as 5 Wallpapers per second), you might believe he cannot deliver something even more breathtaking. And he proves you wrong with his last movie Garden of Words. Based on a Japenese Tanka (Poem), Garden of Words flows like poetry and the images embeds into our retinal cells and remain there.

Narukami no sukoshi toyomite
(A faint clap of thunder)
sashi kumori
(Clouded skies)
Ame mo furanu ka?
(Perhaps rain comes)
Kimi wo todomemu
(If so, will you stay here with me?)
Uttering this Tanka (a form of Japenese poetry ) Yukino leaves a confused Takao in Garden of Words, Takao is a School student who often skips his classes to visit a Garden. He is an aspiring  Shoe Maker, and sketches shoe designs sitting in the park, but he can do this only when the rain is falling. Because then he has an excuse for missing class. One day, he encounters a girl sitting in the garden drinking Beer and eating chocolate. They slowly socialize in their visits to the garden and find themselves waiting for the rain to arrive.
After Yukino expresses an interest in Takao\’s shoemaking, he decides to make a pair of shoes in her size. With the end of the rainy season, Takao stops visiting the park and focuses on his work. After summeer he finds out that Yukino is a teacher in his school and that after noon recites the answer to her question(Tanka) which he finds in an old Literature book.
Narukami no sukoshi toyomite
(A faint clap of thunder)
furazu to mo
(Even if rain comes not)
warewa tomaramu
(I will stay here)
imoshi todomeba
(Together with you)
Garden of Words has a little strange yet beautiful relationship which is filled with a hollow distance between them. They fell in love with each other, but the loneliness around each of them do not let them to profess the love. And when the moment approaches it gets highly awkward and raw emotions fill the screen with extreme intensity.
Makoto Shinkai is certainly a living genius in Anime industry, he knows how to craft great characters. He loves animation, he creates unbelievably beautiful frames and still take care of little details in each frame. His Characters are always afraid to show their true side, may it be the protagonist of 5 Centimetes per Second or The Place Promised in Our Early Days, his characters are always distant and hides in plain sight.
Same can be said for Yukino, she is clearly in pain and depression. She skips her job and eats chocolate in park each morning. She is fed up of her life, and as she actually remarks herself \” I\’ve always been here, stuck in the same place \” she is learning to \”walk\” again.
Shinkai uses Shoes as a metaphor of growing up and learning to walk as Takao himself says:
\”I realize now, I was learning how to walk as well. I haven\’t mastered the steps, I fall too. But im on my path, my path… and one day that path… will take me to her. \”
Makoto Shinkai uses Takao\’s art of Shoe making as a metaphor, as he learns to draw and design shoes, Takao matures and learns a lot, he infact learns how to stand on his own feet and starts earning and living on his own. He promises to make a pair of shoes for Yukino, shoes here works as a metaphor for Life.
Another interesting thing is the use of Rain as a character in this movie. Rain is a motif used to progress the story and also a metaphor of love, they are both unpredictable an when they arrive. They cannot be stopped and pours over us completely. Rain is a character which helps in the bonding of the two main characters. Both of them craves for rainy day so that they can meet each other. Shinkai takes these  motifs and crafts a difficult and yet brilliant story.
And last but not the least THE ANIMATIONS , I don\’t think anyone can surpass the excellence of Garden Of Words. Each frame is a masterpiece, poignantly drawn with a mark of an artist. It puts Cinematography to shame. At some times it gets hard to believe that what we are witnessing is not live action. It feels real, the amount of detail in each scene transforms beauty into surrealism. I will not write more about animation, I am just going to be providing you with Pictures. If this is not Brilliant, I don\’t know what is!
\"506615\" \"1371549282_3\" \"1371549282_48\" \"garden-of-words-wallpaper-21\" \"Kotonoha-no-Niwa-BD-1280x720-AVC-AACx3-5.1-2.0-2.0-Subx3.mp4_snapshot_19.34_2013.06.03_19.26.01\" \"508520\" \"934961-anime-artwork-makoto-shinkai-the-garden-of-words\" \"the-garden-of-words-makoto-shinkai-legs-walk-road-rain-bokeh-anime-1920x1080\" \"shot0919\" \"tumblr_mnul6l7sqj1rcj8eco3_500\" \"maxresdefault\" \"garden-of-words-fallen-leaves-flowers-rain-1920x1080-wallpaper\" \"the-garden-of-words-takao-and-yukino\" \"garden-of-words-screenshot-030\"


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