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Tamasha | Complex Story Breaking the Monotony

In a conversation with an Auto Driver and a broken Ved (Ranbir Kapoor), Ranbir finds out the real image of Auto Wala and the driver then utters a dialogue which actually sums up the movie, \”Andar se kuch aur hai hum, aur baahar se majboor\” . \”From Inside we are different and from outside Helpless\”


This dialogue strikes a chord in many ways to me, it helps explain Imtiaz Ali\’s Blatantly dull and out of the world characters. And also shows the pain of a person who is burning from the inside, the hurt of artist who has been pushed inside by the Society is palpable through the screen.

Tamasha literally have two meanings either a performance with dance and music or a fuss. It quite literally is a Tamasha and then it also makes a fuss out of Tamasha(s). Imtiaz Ali has proven that his movies are not made for everyone, they have a different tone, they have out of the world characters and he uses different styles and narratives which sometimes can be hard to follow. Tamasha is another of his gem that will be a slow burner and will certainly be seen as great in coming years.

Tamasha starts in beautifully shot Corsica where Tara (Deepika Padukone) meets Ved (Ranbir) who is very enthusiastic and strangely amusing, they come up with a verbal pact that they will not tell their real identities to each other and will not meet ever again and get physically attached. Tara Leaves Corsica despite getting romantically attracted towards Ved. She returns to Kolkata and become successful in her Tea Business. But something keeps on troubling her, thus in a business trip to Delhi she tries to find Ved and thus they meet each other and Tara professes her love for him. But Ved is in \”real life\” is a Product Mananger and not the \’don\’ she fell in love with…


Tamasha is certainly the most complex story from Imtiaz Ali till now, the story works in different layers, the story keeps on skipping bravely through the time in pure Ali\’s style and thus gets hard to follow sometimes. Ved\’s character is lost and finds himself again in the movie just like Ranbir\’s Character in Rockstar does or Geet\’s Character in Jab We Met.

Imtiaz Ali uses this style of story telling in all his movies, his characters are always a little out of world and somewhat crazy. He follows parallel narration in his movies which gets a little too heavy sometimes. Parallel Narration has its own artistic brilliance though that can never be captured in a Linear Narrative. In a parallel narrative the plot and themes can be revealed with much more panache and it gives a story teller a lot more ways. May it be in Ali\’s Rockstar or Love Aaj Kal, he uses Parallel Narration to amplify the reveal in the climax. He also divides his \’Tamasha\’ in 5 Acts naming them like Chapters.

Imtiaz Ali is certainly in his best as a director in Tamasha, he uses Shakespearean \’Play in the play\’ theme and Narrators to Narrate their own tales. He does so with cinematic genius. Throughout the movie you can witness mirrors in many scenes involving Ved. Imtiaz Ali uses Mirror as a prop in many scenes to show internal conflicts which goes on in Ved\’s Mind. He uses small cuts to show Conformity of a Mediocre Life, like the quick cuts showing: Ved Slamming his Alarm Clock, him brushing his teeth, driving daily, waiting for the lift, wishing good morning to his Colleagues. The mediocre Machinic life is shown quite well using montage. He uses his Trademark style  with small cut moving seamlessly through different time.


Ranbir Kapoor is in his best playing a clearly Troubled character who is going an inner transformation throughout the movie. Clearly Ved has a Bipolar Disorder, one moment he is happy in his mediocre life, the other moment he is shouting at Tara and loosing his Calm dropping into a depression. He talks to his other side through Mirrors, he is in trouble and Ranbir sets inside the character as if he is Ved. This character is another reason people did not understood the movie and it could not get the appreciation it deserved. Deepika Padukone\’s Character is also well portrayed but her character is more used like a plot device who tries to get Ved together. Piyush Mishra\’s Story teller was brilliant he acts as a mirror to Ved, Ved finds himself inside the story teller, in the end he breaks the dam of filled emotions and break through.


Tamasha is about breaking the Monotony of Machinic life that we live. It is about finding yourself and writing your own story. It also comments on Each Love Story ever, how similar they are. For Every Juliet, Heer, Soni there were Romeo, Ranjha and Mahiwal.

In The climax when he sits down in front of his father to tell him a story and recites a story about himself, he narrates about someone who made him feel special and i quote: \” Ek Tha Jo kehta tha ki main special hun (There was someone who used to say that i am special)\” That someone was a poisonous snake ready to strike lurking in the garden. The snake was called Childhood. His creative and imaginative childhood, but he killed that snake when he grew up. Crushed the snakes neck by stepping on it. Now he could live his Mediocre life. Using this Metaphor Tamasha tries to make us understand the meaning of living. The mechanical life like automated robots is not the life that we are made for. Everyone in this world is made for something , that he is born to do. But the society and the needs lead him/her to destroying the dreams. Tamasha comments on the Materialistic monotonous Society that we live in. It is about Self Discovery and it is about writing your own ending to your life\’s Safarnama (Travelogue)


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