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The Witch – An Unnerving real Horror movie

Whatever way you look at the movie, either an allegory on adolescence and sexual tension, or a 16th Century Puritan drama involving battle of faith or a supernatural horror thriller. It unnerve you and terrifies you by unsettling visions and terrifying images…. Read further for complete review

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, i finally got time to watch The Witch today. Had to wait for the DVD release because i missed it in the theaters and now i want to go back in time to witness the dance of terror in Theaters.


The witch is directed and written by debutante Robert Eggers and he has proved his might by potentially destroying other horror movies of this age. The Witch as the movie proudly proclaims is a \’New England Folklore\’, set in 16th Century England, it follows a puritanical family who was cast out from the City and were living at the edge of the wilderness in their farm, which is very close to a forest. One day while the eldest daughter of the family, Thomasin (played by Anya Taylor-Joye) is playing with the youngest child. The Child gets mysteriously vanished. And thus follows an unnerving feeling of dread that spreads out throughout the family.

The Witch was released in Sundance Film Festival where Mr.Eggers recieved the award for Best Director and he deserves every penny of it. The Movie is filled with tension, it spirals down a hole of hysteria from where it is very hard to see light. The cinematography is beautiful and breathtaking with wide angle shots of Forest and farms. As the director himself said in his interview with Vice (link), The Witch is more of a horror movie which explores familial trauma with folklore.

The best thing about The Witch is that it does not follow the actual Supernatural, or the power of witch. The Movie explores more about the tensions privileged in a normal puritanical house hold and how an addition of foreign supernatural force can destroy lives. We witness actual Witch only in couple of scenes, making the rest of the movie a truely well developed and directed Drama. The movie explores the battle between faith and sin, as the characters constantly try to pray out of their Sins. The Idea that no family can be pure and thus in each of the characters there is something malevolent which lead to the shattering of beliefs by the end. Every character has evil inside him/her and that helps in terrifying you more.  A great scene in the movie comes almost halfway when the elder son of the family is sick and he sputters words out of his mouth, and we realize that he is actually bewitched, we witness as the family prays the battle of Evil and God and the scene is shot beautifully in one single shot as he proclaims love for god.


Another great thing about the movie was the way it slowly builds up to its potential and never looks back. The tense atmosphere is great and helps in terrifying the blazes out of the viewer. The atmospheric great soundtracks helps a lot in increasing the horror potential of scenes. The movie has no jump scare at all, which is very great news for horror fans like me. There is one director out there like James Wan who does not depend on cheap thrills and jump scares. The genuine horror is something that will get you invested in and hides in plain sight, it will come from straight ahead, not attack from behind and you won\’t be able to see it. It will creep into your very bones and inside your skin and spread a chill down the Spine. That is what true horror is and The Witch is definitely a true horror movie.

As the end of the movie creeps in and you witness the joy in flying witch\’s eyes, you can feel the joy and that is the most terrifying part of the movie. When You yourself are so immersed that you start respecting the supernatural and believing in the evil.

Whatever way you look at the movie, either an allegory on adolescence and sexual tension, or a 16th Century drama involving battle of faith or a supernatural horror thriller. It Surprises you and terrifies you by unsettling visions and terrifying images.The Movie is one hell of a ride and deserves 8/10.


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2 thoughts on “The Witch – An Unnerving real Horror movie

    1. Thanks Dan,
      Yes it was pretty damn disturbing, but not too gory. Terrifying but not too cliche-d.
      All in all the movie goes down as an example of how you should direct a horror movie.

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