Tue. Mar 26th, 2019

Star Wars The Force Awakens

As the title suggests the Force was Awakened in the theater on the Christmas day here in New Delhi, and i can honestly say that the force was running strong with us.

As me and my sister left my home, the excitement level was at it highest point. We were leaving for the first show of Star wars in our city and we were not going to miss it(EVER). The Dark Side of the force did opposed us as the nail biting cool winds were striking a blow over our face, but we were ready with our light sabers, Warm Sweaters and tickets with us. And thus we reach the destination and we could feel the force running around us in circles of bespectacled nerds.


As we tucked in the comfy chair of theaters and viewed an awful 3-d trailer of a good movie(Finding Dorry), the feature presentation started. As the green tinted metallic logo of Lucas Films rolled in, i knew i was in a galaxy far far away, with the cheering and wooing and hooting and John Williams music all around me in the Dolby Atmos Sounds, The Theater was transformed in a rebellion ship and we were opposing the new dark power, The First Order led By an awful force using Villain Kylo Ren. As a storm trooper FN-1238(I don\’t remember the number correctly) realizes what awful terror he is imposing on the world Just Like Asoka The Great, he decides he would leave the Order Ship and helps the resistance\’s best pilot Poe to escape as they goes in search of Poe\’s cute little bot BB-8. They find him with a girl waiting for her parents Rey who is also a great pilot. They meet our very own Han Solo and Chewie in the way and with him helps to get the bot to the resistance as it contains a very important map to get to a certain someone.


I am not going to spoil a movie if anyone has not seen it. The Movie is a perfect mix of old and new. The new characters were well built and strong at their base. Daisey Ridley acts well as new and great Rey who is a great pilot and a better leader. While Finn\’s character was not so great but he had his moments in the movie. JJ Abrams\’s Direction was great too perticularly in a scene where there is a showdown between Kylo Ren and a character(Spoiler Saved) on a passageway over a deep hole (A nod to climax of Empire Strikes Back).  The Lighting in the scene was done brilliantly and Adam Driver as kylo ren Shines above all who is working under a dangerous and huge supreme leader Snoke who is also a force User.


As i left the Theater i was overwhelmed with emotions and excitement for episode VIII as a star wars fan. And AS a star wars fan you may say that i am fan boying, therefore i am going to quote my sister who has not watched a single movie except Episode IV And she said that The movie was awesome and she wants to watch it once more. Need I say More.


JJ Abrams Rebooted and energized the Star Wars Franchise once again and also introduced Star Wars to another Generation Brilliantly. Need I Say More.

One Thing I left for the end was the thing which bugged me the most after watching the movie. The Movie has some flawless CGI I have seen, probably, the best i have ever seen. And That is saying something.


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