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La Maison en Petits Cubes -Best of Short Movies

What can You show in 12 Minutes? What as a filmmaker can you achieve in a short movie? Many Filmmakers have tried the short movie genre and failed, many have excelled. But can you show emotions in a movie which has run time less than even half an hour and without uttering a word? A must watch Short Movie to discuss, so bear with me to the end for a beautiful ride. La Maison en Petits Cubes

Many great movies like Capola\’s Godfather, Peter Jackson\’s Lord of the Rings, Spielberg\’s Schindler\’s list, and many others have relied on the longer run time to share the essence of a story and explain the emotions behind the story. A classic Gone With the Wind is more than 4 hour long movie which is widely regarded as one of the best American Movie.


Many times you feel that even three hour run time is short for some movies, like Peter Jackson\’s Lord of The rings, Godfather and Frank Darabont\’s emotional Masterpiece The Green Mile. If a movie has a longer run time, it has better chance to strike a chord in people\’s mind, while the length of the movie being long is not bad; if you are creating a movie with longer run time, Your narrative should be pitch perfect. This is where Movies like King Kong, hobbit and Chappie fail. But is it necessary for a movie director to rely on Long time to portray emotions. NO.


I give you  first fifteen Minutes of Pixar\’s Up, the narrative, the music, the animation, it all speaks for itself. The movie establishes a beautiful Love story in minutes which many fail to do even in more than two hours. You get a good background story established for the movie to follow. You thought this was brilliant, then read on to witness what probably inspired the first few minutes of Up. So Enough with my blabber,let us get on with another of the short Movies I have for you, in my series. Trust me you are in for a ride.


If you haven\’t watched it, the video is linked above ^. Watch it, it only takes around 12 Minutes, of your busy schedule. Of all the time you waste in doing stuff, waste some time here today.

La Maison en Petits Cubes (The House Of Small Cubes) or also called \’Tsumiki no ie\’, is a 12 minute short Animation Movie which was released in 2008. It is actually very strange, having a Japanese director Kunio Kato and whole production Japanese, the movie has no resemblance to Japanese animes, the movie has a french name and won an Academy Award. Yes You heard it right the movie won an Oscar in 2008 in Short Movie Category.

The movie shows an old man who is living in a town which is getting flooded for some reason and he has to add another floor to his House so as to live on. While transferring his belongings to an upper level his favorite Smoke Pipe fall down into the water. So to get it back, he dons a Scuba suit and follows a journey \’down\’ in time.

The story which is perfect in itself as individual short movie is full of metaphors. From the over increasing water level to his ever decreasing room size. The water  clearly conveys, the passing of time, as time fills in, it is cruel and is ever present. It forces us to move on, just like water forces the old man to move on to an upper level. Time flows just like water, we cannot control it, we can just witness it destroy a part of our life we used to cherish and move on.

Each level of his Home, each floor conveys different stages of life, as we go up we follow a life filled with hope, love, pain, suffering and Ultimately Death. As we move up, the size of the floors keep on decreasing just like a pyramid. And just like every Pyramid Ends to a point at the top, the old man is slowly crawling to that end. Each level is spacious than the one above it, it shows how the world of a man goes on decreasing, from the people he know to the people who know and care about him. They keep  on decreasing to a point of no return.

Old Man\’s Seemingly unimportant and careless life is quite strange, but when we witness the memories, the pain which has been embedded and secured somewhere deep inside by the old man, we understand his life. We understand why he is not shifting and moving out of the town. Why he wants to stay there and die there. As he literally dive in his memories, dive into time, he recalls his life, his world, the time when he saw his Son in Law to the time when he learned to build a home using building Blocks. And just like those building blocks he kept on building his home and he will go on until the end.


The House of Small Cubes is something which I will never forget in my whole life and I am sure you will not be able to too. Could such a grand theme like the meaning of life be tackled with anything but a short and silent film?

Maison en Petits Cubes gives us full reign of emotional and philosophical interpretation by eliminating words altogether, and it is a site to behold and cry upon. It is a piece of art and many more people should go on and witness this, I will keep on bringing this to people\’s Sight because that is my job.

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