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One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo\’s nest

Cuckoo is a bird famous for her melodious voice, but with the beautiful and sweet voice the bird also have a dangerous genetic trait, they are Brood Parasites, they lay their eggs in other birds\’ nests and then when the eggs hatch, the little cuckoos push the other eggs out of the nests so that they can get most out of the host who feed them thinking of them as her own children.  Other birds are the One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo\’s nest.


Cuckoo\’s nest is also an American slang term for medical institution with cuckoo often regarded a term for mentally challenged person. But who is the one who flew over Cuckoo\’s nest, the bird who understood that these little birds are not her own, the bird who understood that they are impostors, that they are just imitating, they are not downright baloney, they just want to be. It is our protagonist who actually realizes this and try to fly over the nest.


One Who Flew over the Cuckoo\’s Nest(OWFOCN) is widely regarded as one of the greatest American movie, it holds the place in top 20 of International Movie Database, it has been listed in AFI\’s greatest movies list and also won 5 Academy Awards each in the main categories.

OWFOCN directed by Milos Forman stars Jack Nicholson as RP McMurphy a Convict who pleads insanity when he is found guilty of crimes even in the penitentiary, he stays at a Mental Institution to decide whether he is mental or he is faking it. There Randal rebels against the oppressive Nurse Ratched (played by Louise Fletcher). He teems up with the Patients of Institution and his friend the 7 foot \’deaf and dumb\’ Indian Chief, to rebellion and help them in overcoming their fears.



The best thing about the movie is the ensemble performance given by each and every actor in the movie, the characters are so well written and acted that you will forget that many of them are more famous for far more well known roles. Like the character of Taber played by Christopher Lloyd who if you don\’t know is the Famous actor who played the character of \’Doc Brown\’ in Back To The Future Trilogy. In fact Christopher Lloyd had his debut in this movie and he has done a commendable job in it.


From the character Of Ever nervous Bancini, to quite smart Harding, and from Warren to ever stuttering Billy Bibbit, each and every character has depth involved and are extremely well acted. But The most important character is that of the antagonist Nurse Ratched, probably one of the most hated antagonist in the history of Cinema, she is downright abusive and dangerous. She is clever and drops down to even torturing the actors. It is a clear example of how someone in power can abuse the power. The movie is about the showdown of wits between McMurphy and Nurse Ratched.


I regard Jack Nicholson as one of the best Lead Actor, I have witnessed. He deserves every recognition for his acting in this movie, he is funny to the bone. We side with him easily, his struggling emotions can be felt through the screen, and His descend into insanity is a shock to everyone on the screen. Jack Nicholson has done great films throughout his career. His Role in The Shining as Jack the writer is one of the most craziest character i have seen on screen and he fits right in.


Sometimes inspirational and uplifting and the other times haunting and disheartening, the movie is not everybody\’s piece of cake. This movie is that type of movie, about which I can keep on writing. I can study each character of the movie in a hundred  words. Each character is carved with a precision of a watch maker. And by the time the credits roll in, you just keep on sitting at your seat, wondering what you have just witnessed?

In the end Jack Nicholson himself got stuvk in the cuckoo\’s nest and could not fly over it.

This Movie deserves a 9/10 *********

Note: This Movie is certainly not safe for Children, Parental Guidance. Can be disturbing to watch.

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