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Zootopia- Society filled with Vices

Welcome to Zootopia- A society where Animals live together in Piece and Harmony, where Predators no longer  maul the prey, but still The Prey hold meeker and smaller posts like Secretary, where like our world, there is still discrimination based on what you look like, and where \’Anyone can be Anything\’.


Zootopia is an enjoyable, hilariously funny and still brilliantly smart Animation movie from Disney. Disney has started looking for better scripts for their movies inspired from Inside out, Big Hero 6 was excellent Animation movie, with emotional and inspiring story, and Disney has done it again with Zootopia.

Zootopia is about Judy Hopps ZPD\’s First Bunny Police Officer, who is a witty, cheery and optimistic rabbit, who had her hopes to serve public of Zootopia. She joins the force and faces a harsh reality, then the dumb bunny partners with a sly fox (Nick Wilde) and the movie is transformed into an old kind of Detective Suspense movie. Predators throughout Zootopia are going missing and someone needs to find them as soon as possible. Can a Rabbit solve the case of a missing otter in 48 hours or lose her job? Or is there something bigger happening there?


Zootopia in all its essence is a social commentary disguised beautifully in a children movie, Its a movie which everyone can enjoy, casual movie goers can have fun with and Critics can praise endlessly. And trust me it deserves all its praise. The Story of Zootopia or its script is what works, it is skillfully crafted and is multi layered and just when you think that they have reached their maximum, they juice out more out of the world of Zootopia.

Even early on the movie, One thing gets certain -Zootopia is not a Utopia. It is not perfect, The predators are in Minority, foxes are looked down upon by the society, they are too cunning to believe in and can betray you as soon as you look behind. But they still have their dreams, the same dream everyone in Zootopia has in the beginning, Our Protagonist has hard time in Zootopia police Academy, with racial spurs thrown at her, but she is too optimistic and will never quit. On the other hand there is Nick Wilde, he also had these dreams but his dreams were crushed all together, and Judy help him in getting his dreams back.


Just when you feel that the social commentary is over, we get to a point of Drug Abuse, yep the movie also tells us by showing Animals going crazy and wild after getting shot by particular plant, and then getting far from their own family, so far that their own family members cannot identify them.

The voice acting was also good and spot on, with J.K. Simmons and Idris Alba best of all. Not to forget Shakira as Gazelle and her song. And the leading lady and man have so much chemistry together, its amazing that you can show romance beautifully even between a fox and rabbit. In the end Zootopia with all its social commentary about racial discrimination, sexism and Drug Abuse, is a fun and entertaining movie to watch with whole family. Go and enjoy it when you can. You won\’t be disappointed. And Remember :

Anyone can be anything.

That End though cracked me up hard. (FST NML )


Ratings : 9/10

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2 thoughts on “Zootopia- Society filled with Vices

  1. I enjoyed your review. My husband and I went to see Zootopia this afternoon and absolutely loved it. I had a hunch that I would really like it, but I was surprised by how much I loved it. The DMV Sloths were hilarious. I thought it would be ruined because it was in the trailer, but nope, I still cracked up. The ending… 🙂

  2. Thanks for reading my review, I appreciate it, The Sloths were probably the funniest thing in the movie, and i had the same fear of that bring ruined by previews, but the whole theater was laughing hard at that point. If you liked my review you can Follow my blog and check out the catalogue. 🙂

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