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Room-\”Beautiful\”emotional Drama

Room gets too close and personal to explain, it gets past my chest and deep inside my metaphorical Heart (Wherever it lies!) and tugs a few strings which are placed for those who can reach those depths. And it not just tugs those strings, it sits down there and plays a full blown symphony with my heart strings. If there is anyone in this world who would not be moved by Jack and his \”Ma\’s\” bond and relation in Room, I declare thee not Human.

Sometimes its hard to describe something, you know what you feel about it, but still you don\’t, deep inside you know what this means to you, but you can\’t put it into words, and when this happens we use the most common adjective we are accustomed by ,So I did just that in the title.


Room is directed by Lenny AbrahamsonĀ  and stars Brie Larson and Jacob Trembley as a mother and son. The Movie is about a 5 year old boy Jack who has lived all his life in a 10×10 room in a shed, placed by an abductor (Old Nick) who had kidnapped his mother. He knows only what is inside the room, he greets good morning to his cupboard, his sink and he knows only oneĀ  human being: his mom, thinks that there is no world out side these walls and people in TV are \’TV People\’. Yes there is stark innocence in his upbringing which leads to a pure form of narration and helps in moving the movie ahead. The movie is about their escape and their survival in the \’world\’ outside the walls of the room.


The Movie deals in raw emotions which makes it much better and a difficult watch, the innocence of Jack and the powerful acting from Brie Larson drives the movie and it might as well drive her to her Oscar win day after tomorrow. I wish there was another category in Oscars, award for recognizing Talent in Child artists: I would have given Jacob Trembley every awards, his acting as the long braided innocent child trying to cope in a completely stranger world is mind blowing and unbelievable.

More than being a thriller and about Jack\’s exploration of world, the movie is about motherhood and sacrifices which come with it.

Its amazing I have talked so much about the movie, the movie is a must watch and one of the best from last year and Please do watch it if you have humanity in you, you will be moved, because let me be honest, a few drops were shed while watching this. Some for joy and some for…

Ratings : 10/10

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2 thoughts on “Room-\”Beautiful\”emotional Drama

  1. Good review. Wonderful film. I was a bit apprehensive at first about going to see it, as I had convinced myself it could only ever be depressing and sad. The back story is of course both of these emotions, but the spirit of the film was in fact really uplifting and one of hope. I really hope Larson and the team behind the film receieve some form of recognition at the Oscars for this production.

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