Tue. Mar 26th, 2019

A 7 Minute Long Ride of Emotions

Makoto Shnikai- The Director of 5 Cm Per Second and Garden Of words has reached levels of excellence in which people have started calling him \”The New Miyazaki\”. His First movie was released in 2003 Voices of A Distant Star which was completely drawn and animated by him alone on his laptop, he took the animating world by a storm and after a few years made 5 Cm Per Second, am emotional breathtaking ride and a brutally honest portrayal of love.

Before Garden Of Words was released, Shinkai made a short movie titled Dareko no Manazashi (Someone\’s Gaze), a short movie roughly 6 minute long, this was a commercial released with The Garden of Words in 2013. The story takes place in a not so distant future and revolves around a father and daughter duo with their Cat Mia Saan.


The short movie involves themes like separation and longing. When the younger generation decides to live an independent life they leave behind desperate parents, desperate to look at their children growing, desperate for a few minutes of their time. Its amazing what Shinkai can create in just 7 minutes with such a simple story. How many of us have multiple times forgotten about our parents, in our race to grow up, in our fast paced life and struggle for independence we leave behind the lagging elders calling them old fashioned, the parents who sacrificed so much for us, who gave all of their time to get us where we are right now. It takes effort to accept the point that I have also done this a few times and I feel ashamed about it.


The Special thing about Makoto Shinkai is his ability to make movies from his heart, his stories always contains deeply rooted emotions which will get you invested and will get a few people to tears.

It takes 7 Minutes of your life to witness this extravaganza, just take these small 7 minutes off your endless hard working life, sit down and watch this, I am sure you wont be disappointed and you will take this story forward in your life for the time to come.

Just watch this beautiful Short Movie. To Add more emotions let me tell you that the Narrator is the Cat.


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